Global Outlook in Plastic Waste

Plastics are an integral part of our everyday lives, and the global economy relies heavily on plastics use. Worldwide, tons of plastics are used every minute, and the number is rising. In the United States alone, 30 million tons of plastics are thrown away each year.

Plastics take between 20-1000 years to break up. They break up into toxic substances that sometimes leach into our soil and groundwater. Plastic toxicity is said to be linked to numerous health issues and environmental degradation.

At Enviro-Power, we seek to create a sustainable environment through effective recycling of these waste plastics into fuel oil. We believe that the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources will inevitably affect the way we live, work and play. Through our constant pursuit of technology and solutions, we actively seek environmental remediation to play our part for the environment.