Plastics and fuels are both made of the same organic compounds- hydrocarbons.

To convert plastic products into fuel oil, heat is used to crack the bonds of the hydrocarbons. Older technologies require huge amounts of heat, sometimes exceeding 600 degrees Celsius, and yielding low quantities of less desirable fuel grades.

Prompted by these flaws, we pursued further, and after years of research and development, came up with an improvement.


Using the Catalytic Cracking Method, coupled with our own catalyst licensed and patented to Enviro-Power, waste plastics are broken down into fuel oil at significantly lower temperatures, a faster rate of reaction and a consistent yield of high-quality fuel.

In addition, this technology ensures a higher yield of 75% commercial-quality fuel oil. The remaining 20% are coke and 5% Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). This catalyst allows the process to become commercially viable with minimal energy consumption and high product yields.


Promeco SPA is our valued partner and the engineering and manufacturing company of our Plastics to Fuel System. Established in 1996, it is located in Italy in the Como area, and has always been involved in the manufacture and innovation of waste processing machines and plants. Promeco's plants are able to treat many different materials, utilising different and customized solutions and these systems are installed worldwide. The PTF project begun in 2007 and has been constantly improved in partnership with Enviro-Power.